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Planning For Your Wedding Dance

Preparation For A Perfect First Dance

No doubt you have been planning your wedding for months, and you probably are buried in wedding details and decisions. Planning your wedding can be a bit hectic, but you want to be sure that your special day is perfect, and one thing that you need to remember to plan for your wedding is the first dance. It may be easy to get caught up in other details, but you want to be sure that the first dance that is danced together as husband and wife is truly perfect. The first dance is a beautiful tradition, and if you take the time to properly prepare for it, it can be an enjoyable time that you will remember for a lifetime.

Why Your Wedding Dance is Important
Your wedding dance is extremely important because this will be the very first dance you will dance after you have been married. This is a romantic dance that allows you to be in the arms of the one you love, and no doubt other couples all around the room will be gazing on, remembering how they felt when they danced their first dance. While this dance is a beautifully romantic dance between you and your spouse, you must remember that a roomful of people are going to be watching, and you want the dance to look great as well, so you want to be sure to pick the right music, the perfect dance, and you want to look stunning out there on the dance floor.

Types of Dances to Consider
When you are planning for your wedding dance, you will want to take the time to decide what kind of dance you want to dance for your first dance. There are a variety of choices to consider that will be easy for you to learn and dance together. If you are looking for a very simple dance, you may want to just dance a simple slow dance at your wedding, but there are other choices as well that are quite easy, including the Waltz, the Foxtrot, and even Swing dance. The Waltz is a great choice for a first dance, since it has very simple, smooth steps that will have you sliding across the dance floor. The Foxtrot is another great choice that is a bit more peppy, and for an even faster dance, you may want to consider dancing a Swing dance that will have your guests excited to join in.

Choosing the Perfect Song to Dance To
Not only will you want to pick out the perfect dance style, but you will also want to pick out the perfect song for your first dance as well. The song you pick will probably depend on what style of dancing you are considering, or you may want to base your dance choice on the song you pick. Make sure that you pick a song that is meaningful to you and your spouse. Many people choose a song that has been “their song” throughout their relationship. Whether the song is romantic, lively, or soulful, make sure that it is one that will have you smiling into each other’s eyes throughout the entire dance.

How Long Should the First Dance Be?
Technically your first dance can be as long or as short as you want it to be, but you may want to have your guests join in after a few minutes. As a general rule, the bride and groom spend a couple minutes dancing by themselves, and then the best man and maid of honor join them on the floor, signifying that the rest of the guests can begin dancing as well. Make sure that your best man and anyone else who will be participating in this dance knows what is going on so it will all go smoothly.

Preparing for Your First Dance
Since the first dance is so important, you will no doubt want to take some measures to prepare for your first dance as husband and wife. No one wants to be out on the dance floor looking like a fool, so it is important that you start preparing well ahead of time for your special dance. One thing that you may want to do is to get private dance lessons. While they can be quite expensive, you can get lessons that will teach you the type of dance you are going to do at your wedding so you look wonderful on the dance floor. If private lessons seem a bit too expensive for you, another great option to consider is instructional dance videos. No matter what kind of dance you plan on doing at your wedding, you can find great helpful videos that will help you learn the perfect moves for your big day, and you may even want to use these videos in conjunction with private lessons as well. Even if you think that you are a hopeless cause, more than likely instructional dance videos can help you look great out on the dance floor.

Spice it Up - Do Something Different
If you are a bit more advanced as a dancer, or you just want to spice up the first dance tradition, you may want to consider doing things a bit different. Some more daring and exciting dances to do are the Tango and the Salsa. While these are not usually used for the first dance, they are great dances that are hot, steamy, and sensual if you want to really stand out on the dance floor. If you do decide to go with something a bit more spicy and different, you can also find great instructional videos that will help you with these dances as well.

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