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Choosing The Perfect Music For Your Wedding Dance

So, you are getting married? Congratulations! This is such an exciting time. There are so many aspects to planning the big day, including selecting the music for the reception, particularly your first dance as husband and wife. There are so many options when it comes to the music for your reception that it may be difficult to know where to start.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have a clearer idea of what is involved and be able to choose the perfect option for you. At this stage, you have three basic alternatives. They are:

• Live music
• Disc Jockey (DJ)
• Recorded music – CDs

Live Music

You may think that having live music playing at your wedding reception is only reserved for people who are having a lavish event. True, this can be the most expensive option, but the choice is huge and you there is an option to suit almost every budget and taste.

The top end of the scale would be a band, or group of musicians. These are best suited to larger wedding receptions, purely because they would overwhelm a more intimate venue. One of the main benefits of having a live band playing is the atmosphere that they create. There is something very special about having music played live that a DJ or other option cannot match.

The choice of live bands is vast. However, many tend to have their own specific style. This is ideal if you love jazz, or swing, or Latin music for example. You can have the entire reception with the theme that you want and your first dance could be to your favorite rhythm. This is worth considering, especially if you, or your intended, have taken lessons in a particular style of dancing. Imagine being able to show off your new samba skills to a live band.

Another benefit of having a live band is that they can be called upon to make any announcements, throughout the reception. This is obviously a personal choice, but does add another touch of class to the event.

You do not have to hire a large band to enjoy live music at your reception. You may want to have a soloist. A pianist/singer, for example, would be perfect if you have a more intimate atmosphere in mind.

Of course, cost may be a limiting factor in your choice of live musician. Another consideration is that they will have a time limit as to the length of time that they can perform. This does not affect your first dance, but it is worth considering how you will cover for breaks in their playing.

If you are considering live music for your wedding reception it is essential that you have heard the act play before your big day. Friends may be able to offer recommendations too. Make sure that the artist can also play your choice of music for your first dance and has sufficient material to be able to play for a reasonable length of time.


One of the most popular options for a wedding reception is to hire a DJ. They offer the flexibility that many couples are looking for to ensure that there is a wide variety of types of music played at their reception. Yes, it is your big day, but you want everyone to be able to enjoy themselves too.

The quality of DJs can vary greatly, as does the price. This is because of the wide range of equipment that they use and the huge choice of music that there is available. You need to research your choice of DJ carefully to make sure that they can give you the perfect atmosphere for your wedding reception.

Always meet with prospective DJs and discuss every detail of what you would like him, or her, to play at your wedding reception. Obviously you want to know that they have the songs available that you like, especially for that all important first dance. You should expect to give them a list of songs that you want played, at least to last for the first part of the reception. However, also ensure that you can provide a list of songs that you do not want played at all and that this will be adhered to. You may have certain styles of music that you don’t want, or specific songs, the choice should always be yours.

Some DJs have a lot of experience with wedding receptions and this can be extremely beneficial in helping you to decide who to choose. However, be aware that this experience may also have led to them developing a ‘set-piece’ style. You need to be certain that they will tailor this to suit your requirements, and not simply work through their own listing. The more music that you can list for them to play, the less chance there is of that happening.

Also check that the type of equipment that they have is suitable for the venue. You don’t want him turning up with huge speakers, flashing lights and smoke machines if you are planning an intimate wedding reception.

DJs are often very flexible when it comes to having requests on the day, once the first dance is over. This can be a great way to ensure that the music plays long into the night and your guests all have something that they can dance to. You can also ask the DJ to make the announcements.

Recorded Music

This is a great option if you want a smaller wedding reception. You can play the type of music that you want and also have the added benefit of the music being sung by the original artist. Your first dance will be to the music that you fell in love to, played the way you first heard it.

Your first dance together should be a magical experience. It is your first dance as a married couple and the choice of music is entirely yours. Your guests will get pleasure from it, whatever you play, and by whatever means, as it is your big day. Enjoy it!

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