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10 Tips for Lovers

The wedding dance can be the most exciting and fun part of your wedding besides the actual ceremony itself. You can make your wedding dance more smooth, elegant, and fun. Here are ten tips to help make the most of this very important first dance.


A lot of people can dance, just some not as well as others, and taking dance lessons can only improve what skills you already have. The dance lessons are there to help you both feel more confident in front of strangers and with each other.


Choosing the right Dance for your reception. There is a variety of dances to choose from. Some of the more classic and elegant are the Waltz, and Foxtrot. There are more adventurous dances, though, and if you want to express your love for each other in a huge way, you can choose something like the Samba and the Tango. It truly depends on the type of people you are and how much of a show you want to put on.


The third tip, and maybe should have been second, is choosing your song if you donít already have one. Your song is something that represents how you feel about each other and what your love means. Knowing the right song can make a huge difference in which dance you choose, so I suggest making it a higher priority than even picking your instructor and what dance you will be doing.


Now, do you want more than just you and your partner involved in the wedding dance, if so then why not ask another couple or two to dance with you at the reception? You need to make sure whomever you ask practices with you and your spouse before the big day. If you choose more than one couple, you can open the possibilities of the dance that you do.


If there will be more than just the Newly weds, you can look into choreographed dances ranging from wild and crazy to flowing grace. One very wild and crazy dance performed at a wedding was the Moves to Thriller, the song. Now, if that is not your Style, you can incorporate the moves to the Swing and the Cha Cha and then have the dancers trade off partners throughout the song. Another thing you can do is start out with the bride and groom dancing, and then have others join you from the audience as though they just thought of the idea.


Having other prepared and practiced partners joining you may give the other guests the idea to join in, but that can be a good thing. It will give them a chance to feel as though they are a part of the ceremony, itself.


More on getting only specific and prearranged people to join in your dance is to have the Bride and Groom go to each one of the others individually and start dancing with them. They can then, in turn, pick out another pair, and so on. This will give you the chance to bring each couple in privately. It is recommended that you use the people from your wedding party but it is not a requirement.


The gown the Bride will be wearing will also make a huge difference on what can be danced and what cannot. If the Bride doesnít want to practice in her gown due to the groom not seeing her in it before the wedding, then a different gown of similar design and length is needed. The Bride should also wear the same shoes to dance in as well.


If you are not comfortable with the dance you have chosen, you need to tell your instructor right away. You will not have to pick a different dance but it can be changed to suite you and your partner easier.


Practice, practice, and then practice some more. It is the most important thing to account for to make the wedding dance perfect.

TIP 10

Recap: what is important in planning for the wedding dance? Well, knowing what you are dancing to, you song is first. Then choosing the right instructor is next, even if you know how to dance really well, having a professional to help is always better. They can see where you need to improve and mediate between any issues concerning how the dance is supposed to done. Pay attention to what everyone is wearing at the ceremony and accommodate the practices by wearing very similar clothing. Remember that, more than likely, someone is going to be taping you, so have fun and show them that you are meant to be together by doing that perfect dance.

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